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And Then Theres Phizzics

The Legend for Global Warming Contour Maps CAN’T be found at the bottom of this page. Because we don’t want to share anything with YOU.


Here at AndThenTheresPhizzics, we sit around breathing in and out, with a paper bag over our heads.

This causes the CO2 level in our brains to increase. And that causes the temperature of our brains to increase.

Then we dream up reasons why paper bags will destroy humans, and the earth.

Then we invent ways to stop that happening (see, we are the good guys!).

A clue, the solutions usually involve us being dictators over the whole world.

Anybody that opposes us is a “Denier”.


Important – in one of our previous fantasies, we said that CO2 was like an insulating blanket around the earth.

That is now a malicious rumour spread by “Deniers”.

CO2 is now like having a paper bag over your head. The increased levels of CO2 cause warming. Try it, our heads definitely feel warmer with a paper bag over them. You will see that it is true (unless you are a “Denier”).

Join our campaign, to rid the earth of paper bags. We need to bring back plastic bags, urgently.