Agree to Disagree

Debate in a non-hostile environment





Sou from HotWhopper.

You were kind enough to write an article about me. So I will return the favour.

You said, “Sheldon, I know you aren’t the only denier wuss (or pretend wuss). No spine. No backbone. No conviction.”

Sou, your use of personal insults, rather than “science”, shows what sort of person you are.

I normally don’t insult people, unless they insult me first. You and your readers have insulted me, so I feel free to do the same to you.

Your website seems to attract people who can best be described as “slow” and/or “dim”. Perhaps they see you as a kindred spirit.

If you looked at my website, then you would see that I attempted (for about 4 or 5 months), to create a “non-hostile” environment for discussing global warming. I banned the use of words like “Alarmist” and “Denier”. People in general, but especially Alarmists, were not interested in “non-hostile” discussion. They love the word Denier too much. I accept their decision. So now I call an “Alarmist”, an “Alarmist”.

I would happily stop using the word Alarmist, if Alarmists would stop using the word Denier. But Alarmists don’t want to stop using the word Denier. They love to pretend that it is justified, and butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, when they are confronted with their stupidity.

I accept your statement that Gavin Schmidt is a mathematician, and not a scientist.

As the creator of many types of global warming graph, and the author of many articles on global warming, I suspect that I may be better qualified than Gavin Schmidt is, to be a climate scientist.

Types of global warming graph.

– the “Global Warming Contour Map” graph

– the “Comb of Death” graph

– and the “Upside-down Comb of Death” graph

Many articles on global warming.

– How far would you need to move towards the nearest Pole, to reverse one degree Celsius of global warming?

– Global warming temperature distributions

– Alarmist thinking on the recent slowdown is one dimensional

– How “special” was the recent slowdown?

– Was the Slowdown caused by 1998?

– This is what Global Warming looks like

– Comparing temperature series

You said, “I don’t know why deniers take offense at being called deniers.”

I am also confused by this.

I also don’t know why “Alarmist arseholes” take offense at being called “Alarmist arseholes”.

Perhaps science will provide the answers to these perplexing questions.

I am glad to see that you recognise my contribution to using the term “slowdown”. Most Alarmists don’t even look at what I write, before they call me a Denier.

You removed some of my comments from your website, because they “violated HotWhopper comment policy”.

Does HotWhopper comment policy include hiding the truth, and anything else that you don’t like?

Are your readers so weak-minded, that they can not be shown an opposing point of view.

I am proud to say, that I have NEVER censored a comment made on my website. I enjoy the challenge of trying to understand the people who disagree with me. I would remove a comment if I felt that it was offensive. But I would never remove a comment just because I disagreed with it. I like to give people the chance to prove themselves wrong.

The idiot Andy Mitchell said, “Sheldon Walker’s fundamental error is he is talking to Gavin Schmidt when he needs to be talking to a psychiatrist.”

As well as my many other qualifications, I have a psychology degree.

I have even co-authored a paper with Dunning and Kruger. They are pretty pissed off with the way that Alarmists claim that anybody who disagrees with them, suffers from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

We came up with a new name, the Dummy-Booger effect, to describe people who claim that others suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect, while being totally unaware that they are suffering from it themselves.

The Dummy part is easy to understand. The Booger part refers to how Alarmists are like people who pick their nose in public, and then flick the boogers (dried nasal mucus), at other people.

I have very good Excel skills. This creates a lot of jealousy, especially from stupid Alarmists.

My psychology training taught me, that this is a form of penis envy. It is usually the people who have very small penises, or no penis at all, who are the most jealous.

I am just a simple Denier. I don’t understand scientific terms like “wuss”.

I looked up “wuss” in my science dictionary, but there was no entry.

You are correct when you say that I have “no conviction”. I did get a speeding ticket once, but it was not my fault. I am certainly not a criminal.

I managed to find a reference to “no spine”, and “no backbone”, in my science dictionary. Are you accusing me of being an “invertebrate”.

When I read your accusation about me being “spineless”, my first thought was that the chiropractor, who has been charging me large amounts of money to adjust my spine, must have been ripping me off. So I went and had an x-ray taken. And you were right. I don’t have a spine.

Until now, I have been under the impression that I was a human. I did have some suspicions. The fact that I need 8 shoes (4 times as many as other children), had me worried for a while. But my mother explained that it was just because I was “special”. She said that the parents of the other children, couldn’t afford to buy them 8 shoes.

Since you helped me to discover who I really am, I have made contact with many of my relatives, that I didn’t even know existed. Some of my relatives are a bit “uncivilized”. My cousin Martin, who is a Humboldt squid, introduced me to the “sport”, of bending humans until their spines snap. It makes a wonderful “pop” sound. I was horrified by the waste of human life. But Martin says that there is no waste. All of the humans get made into “human and chips”, and apparently they are delicious. Humans taste just like chicken, or pork. The only problem, is that it is difficult to stop the chips from getting soggy.

I have been doing some research, and my relatives have been on the Earth for far longer than your stupid vertebrate relatives. We are the true masters of the Earth. Octopuses have 3 hearts, nine brains, and blue blood (very noble). And our eyes are much more highly evolved than human eyes.

Even though we have 8 legs, we very rarely shoot ourselves in the foot. Unlike stupid humans.

I am able to work on 4 computers at the same time, 2 arms/legs for each computer.

I have just realised what you meant, when you called me a “wuss”. You made a typing error. You meant to use the affectionate name for an octopus, a “puss”. How did you know that I was an octopus. Now that you have told me, it seems so obvious. Everything makes sense now.

I hate to think of how much time I have wasted, trying to be a human. As an octopus, I no longer have to worry about global warming. Climate change is just a human problem. Ocean temperatures are well buffered, and we have nothing to worry about. What about ocean acidification, you ask? We actually like it a bit more “neutral”, than the current alkalinity.

We have made a plan with the mussels, clams, and oysters, to produce huge quantities of methane (a greenhouse gas even more powerful than CO2).

See this article:

Populations of mussels, clams and oysters, produce “ridiculous” levels of climate-warming gases, on a par with herds of cattle, a new study shows.

Scientists have warned that ocean creatures are producing large amounts of the strongest greenhouse gases – methane and nitrous oxides – from the bacteria in their guts.

This methane bubbles out of the water, contributing to global warming, as it has 28 times greater warming potential than carbon dioxide.

We are going to give the Earth a fever, so that it can eliminate the horrible human virus.

I have to be going now. I have to get back to the ocean before low tide. Thank you again, Sou. If ever you are at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, please come and visit me. I will introduce you to my cousin, Martin. And we can enjoy a nice meal of “human and chips” together.

Yours octagonally,


P.S. I still need to find out what the plural of octowuss is. Is it octowusses? The word octowuss comes from Greek, so the Greek plural form is octowodes. However, modern usage of octowodes is so infrequent, that many people mistakenly create the erroneous plural form, octowi.