Regional Warming

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Regional Warming

The Legend for Global Warming Contour Maps can be found at the bottom of this page.


Many warmists like to claim that the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), was ONLY regional. As if that means that it is not important.

But what these warmists don’t realise, is that the present day global warming is ONLY regional, as well.

Can I prove that? Of course I can. I divided the earth up into 8 equal sized areas, by latitude. They were:

  • 90N to 48N
  • 48N to 30N
  • 30N to 14N
  • 14N to Equator
  • Equator to 14S
  • 14S to 30S
  • 30S to 48S
  • 48S to 90S

As you move from north to south, the warming rate decreases consistently.

  • From +3.98
  • to +2.53
  • to +1.99
  • to +1.63
  • to +1.61
  • to +1.29
  • to +1.07
  • to +0.26

(all in degrees Celsius per century).

Look at the brightly coloured Global Warming Contour Maps, which show the decreasing warming rates from north to south, as colours. The top contour map is the northern-most region. The bottom contour map is the southern-most region. The ones in between go from north to south, as you move down the page. Look at the legend, to see what warming rates each colour represents.

Region 1 and 1-B big

Region 2 and 2-B big

Region 3 and 3-B big

Region 4 and 4-B big

Region 5 and 5-B big

Region 6 and 6-B big

Region 7 and 7-B big

Region 8 and 8-B big