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Real Absolute Temperatures
Northern Hemisphere Summer
Southern Hemisphere Winter

There are many different types of temperature. To understand the maps of real absolute temperatures, you need to understand the types of temperature that the maps use.

The different types of temperature were described in detail, in Part 2 of this series of articles. If you haven’t read Part 2 yet, then it would be a good idea to read Part 2, before reading Part 3.


It might also be a good idea to read Part 1 of this series of articles, about real absolute AVERAGE temperatures.


Part 3 of this article will show the Map for the Northern Hemisphere Summer, and the Southern Hemisphere Winter. So this temperature map shows the Earth in July.

The previous article showed the map for the Northern Hemisphere Winter, and the Southern Hemisphere Summer. So that temperature map showed the Earth in January.

Remember, it is important to understand that the Summer and Winter temperatures are showing 2 different things,

The Summer temperatures show the normal average heat of Summer.

The Winter temperatures show the normal average cold of winter.

Each hemisphere is showing a different type of temperature reading. One hemisphere is showing the Summer temperature, and the other hemisphere is showing the Winter temperature. Comparing the 2 hemispheres is interesting, but they are NOT showing the same type of temperature reading. Comparing the 2 hemispheres, is like comparing apples with oranges.

You can use the map in this article, and the map in the previous article, to do the following:

– compare the Northern Hemisphere Summer (this article), with the Northern Hemisphere Winter (previous article).

– compare the Southern Hemisphere Winter (this article), with the Southern Hemisphere Summer (previous article).

– compare the Northern Hemisphere Summer (this article), with the Southern Hemisphere Summer (previous article).

– compare the Southern Hemisphere Winter (this article), with the Northern Hemisphere Winter (previous article).


Map - Summer-Winter Temperatures


If you would like a bigger version of this graph, then click the link below. It will open in a new tab.



To finish this series of 3 articles, I am going to list some important facts about Real Absolute Temperatures (RATS). These facts will give you detailed information about RATS, including numerical values. The Maps of RATS, show RAT ranges, with each colour representing a range of 5.0 degrees Celsius. The facts below will give you some actual RAT values (e.g. 29.1 degrees Celsius).

Remember, all RATS (real absolute temperatures) in this article, are specified in degrees Celsius.

1)    The 2 simple yes/no questions, that NO Alarmist (including climate scientists) will answer. I wonder why?

Simple yes/no question 1 – Did humans evolve near Kenya, Africa?

Simple yes/no question 2 – Should humans be able to tolerate temperatures similar to Kenya’s?

The obvious answers to these 2 simple questions, are Yes and Yes.

But no Alarmist can manage to say the answers. Can you see why?

The real absolute temperatures for Kenya (in degrees Celsius) are:

winter = 14.7

average = 21.5

summer = 29.1

Nice and warm !!!

The temperature in Kenya is usually above 14.7 and the average is 21.5

Humans evolved in a hot country. And many humans migrated to colder countries. But we didn’t evolve in a cold country.

That is why humans can tolerate heat, better than they can tolerate cold.

2)    The average human (of the 7.7 billion humans on Earth), lives at an average temperature of 19.7 degrees Celsius.

So the average human lives at a temperature 1.8 degrees Celsius LESS THAN the average temperature in Kenya.

What are Alarmists getting all hot and bothered about?

1.0 degrees Celsius more of global warming, will take us to the IPCC’s 2.0 degrees Celsius temperature limit.

The average human will still be 0.8 degrees Celsius LESS THAN the average temperature in Kenya.

3)    Over 2.5 billion people (1/3 of humans) live at an average temperature of 15.0 or lower.

This is more than 6.5 degrees Celsius LESS THAN the average temperature in Kenya.

This 1/3 of humans could warm by 6.5 degrees Celsius, and most of them would still be LESS THAN the average temperature in Kenya.

Are these people at risk from global warming?

Or are they at risk of freezing to death?

Alarmists ignore all of these people !!!

4)    The average temperature of the land (averaged by area, for 216 countries), is 15.6 degrees Celsius.

Since the average human (of the 7.7 billion humans on Earth), lives at an average temperature of 19.7 degrees Celsius, you can see that humans avoid the cold locations.

Humans love warmth, and choose to live in warm locations.

5)    Even though humans choose to live in warm locations, when they retire, many people choose to move to even warmer places, like Florida.

Note – nobody forces these retired people to move to warmer places. They choose to move to warmer temperatures, by themselves.

6)    Most people, when they go on holiday, choose to go to warmer places.

Are these people mad? Why don’t they go to Greenland, or England, on holiday !!!

Note – When people who live in England go to warmer places, that means anywhere in the world, except Greenland and Norway.

7)    Average summer temperatures for the warmest countries (in degrees Celsius)


Kuwait 44.5
Iraq 42.2
United Arab Emirates 40.6
Chad 40.5
Qatar 40.4
Sudan 39.9
Niger 39.6
Pakistan 39.3
Mali 38.8
Saudi Arabia 38.3


Some like it hot !!!

About 397 million people live in these countries.

397 million people, is over 5% of humans (out of 7.7 billion humans)

Remember, that we have had about 1.0 degrees Celsius of global warming, over the last 100 years. So these places were hot, even before global warming started.

8)    Many Alarmists claim that the world has never warmed this fast, in all of temperature history, going back millions of years.

But consider this.

We are currently warming at between 1 and 2 degrees Celsius per century

That is 0.01 to 0.02 degrees Celsius per year.

Many locations on Earth have a 20 to 30 degree difference between winter and summer. Let’s call it a 25 degree Celsius average.

These places warm by 25 degrees Celsius in 6 months. This is equivalent to 50 degrees Celsius per year.

50 degrees Celsius per year, compared to 0.02 degrees Celsius per year, is warming 2,500 times faster than global warming.

All humans, plants, and animals, have evolved to tolerate this speed of warming.

If we can tolerate warming at 50 degrees Celsius per year, EVERY YEAR, will we be able to tolerate warming at 50.02 degrees Celsius per year?

Remember, the temperature on land varies by about 10 degrees Celsius each day. This daily change, plus weather, is ON TOP OF the seasonal change.

Global warming is weak and puny, compared to seasonal warming.

9)    Sorry, but I couldn’t resist showing people this.

Do a Google search on “record high temperatures”

It says:

According to the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO), the highest temperature ever recorded was 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek (Greenland Ranch), California, United States.

1913 !!!

This is Death Valley, in America. The highest temperature EVER recorded on the Earth, was about 105 years ago. Before global warming even started.

I am NOT suggesting that this proves that global warming is not happening. But it gives you an idea about the strength of global warming. Weak and puny.

10)    The people who live in cold countries want CLIMATE JUSTICE !!!

CLIMATE JUSTICE = being Warm !!!

11)    Who was the “genius” who decided that the Little Ice Age (otherwise known as pre-industrial times), was the perfect temperature for the whole Earth?

Don’t tell me. Let me guess.

It was a Climate Scientist, who doesn’t look at absolute real temperatures. Having a temperature anomaly of zero, makes any temperature look “normal”.

12)    Some Alarmists claim that a temperature increase of 4.0 degrees Celsius will kill people.

The following is a joke, to point out how stupid this idea is.

People are no longer allowed to fly from Greenland, Canada, Finland, Russia, Germany, or England

to Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Kenya, or Mexico.

Because when they open the doors of the plane, everybody dies !!!

The temperature goes up by more than 4 degrees Celsius.

13)    How big will the savings be, with global warming causing milder winters?

Fewer people dying.

Lower heating costs.

Less stress on humans, animals, and plants.

Longer growing season.

Why do we only hear the bad points, and never the good points?

Are Alarmists and scientists biased?

14)   Most of the points listed above, are about humans. What about animals and plants?

Something for you to think about.

Why is life most abundant, and most diverse, in the tropics?

The hottest part of the Earth.

How abundant and diverse, is life at the Poles?

The coldest part of the Earth.

All life loves warmth. Not just humans.

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