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SkepticalScience jumps off a cliff


SkepticalScience recently published a short article, by somebody called Evan. The article was called “SkS Analogy 18 – Cliff jumping and temperature changes.

The article starts with some “good” advice.

“Regardless of the height of a cliff, jumping from cliffs is deadly. Hang-gliding from cliffs thrills. Jumping from cliffs kills.”

I don’t like to nit-pick, but Evan (the author), doesn’t tell us how high the cliffs are. He said, “Regardless of the height of a cliff, jumping from cliffs is deadly.”

But what if the cliff was only 10 centimetres high. I think that most people could survive a fall of 10 centimetres.

Remember, that Evan said, “REGARDLESS of the height of a cliff”. So he didn’t specify a minimum height.

This is a typical Alarmist tactic. They try to “trick” you, by playing on your emotions.

They want you to picture yourself, crippled at the bottom of a 10 centimetre cliff, wishing that you had listened to their message about global warming.

By the way. If I was going to jump off a cliff, I would do it above a patch of “soft” grass. And not above a pile of jagged rocks. But then I am a skeptic. And skeptics are always sensible about jumping off cliffs. Normally we avoid cliffs completely. But we encourage Alarmists to jump off as many cliffs as possible.

Alarmists don’t seem to realise, that even a small rise in sea level, takes centuries to happen. You could easily die of “old age”, waiting for sea levels to rise. I am certainly NOT panicking over it. But as I said before, I am a skeptic. And skeptics are always sensible about rising sea levels.

I have a suggestion. If we can make sea levels rise high enough, then jumping off cliffs will be much safer. You will land in some nice soft water, and not on jagged rocks.

Evan makes a strange claim. He says,

~ ~ ~ start of quote ~ ~ ~

Increasing or decreasing the global average temperature causes sea level to rise or fall.

Rapidly increasing or decreasing the global average temperature will likely cause sea level to rapidly rise or fall.

It does not matter what the current global average temperature is.

Causing the global average temperature to jump, as we are, causes sea level to jump.

~ ~ ~ end of quote ~ ~ ~

I am a bit of a naughty person. I have to admit, that I would love to see the oceans “jump”. I know that they go up and down each day with the tides, but jump?

To mis-quote Monty Python:

[ Alarmist bumps the ocean ]

Alarmist: There, it jumped!

Skeptic: No, it didn’t, that was you bumping it!

Alarmist: I never!!

Skeptic: Yes, you did!

Alarmist: I never, never did anything…

Skeptic: Listen mate, this ocean wouldn’t “jump” if you put four million volts through it!

Evan, the author, then digs himself in deeper, by saying:

~ ~ ~ start of quote ~ ~ ~

It does not matter what the Earth’s temperature was before the start of the industrial revolution. It is the temperature change since then that is causing problems.

~ ~ ~ end of quote ~ ~ ~

But what about the unlucky people who live in cold places.

  • all temperatures will be given in degrees Celsius
  • the hottest month, is the month with the highest monthly average high temperature – normally the hottest Summer month
  • the coldest month, is the month with the lowest monthly average low temperature – normally the coldest Winter month

Like the nearly 12 million people who live in Moscow, Russia.
– average temperature = +4.4
– hottest month = +22.1
– coldest month = -12.1

or the 2.7 million people who live in Chicago, America.
– average temperature = +9.9
– hottest month = +28.9
– coldest month = -8.6

Are these people “suffering” from global warming? Or are they having street parties, to welcome global warming?

Note that you can still freeze to death, at a street party in Moscow. Be sure to take a warm jacket.

Do Alarmists care that people are freezing to death, in Moscow?

Should the people in Moscow care about the temperature of people in the rest of the world?

Answer honestly. How many times in the last 10 years, have you thought about the people who live in cold places, like Moscow? And all of the other cold places in the world.

I would guess that you have probably NEVER thought about people living in cold places. Because humans are normally mainly concerned about themselves, and their loved ones.

I am not judging people. I am the same. It is normal to think about your own comfort first. If you think that global warming is dangerous, or will make you uncomfortable, then you expect everyone to help to fix the problem for you.

You don’t think about whether global warming is making somebody else’s life better. Why should somebody else benefit from global warming, if it is going to make your life worse? That is immoral. People have a duty to make sure that YOU are happy. If they are nice people, then they will put YOU ahead of their own selfish desires. After all, YOU are the most important person in the world. Don’t they realise that?

If the situation was reversed, and global warming was improving your life, would you be prepared to lose the benefits of global warming, give up your car, pay higher prices for renewable energy, and stop eating meat, so that other people could have a better life?

I am personally more worried about the absolute temperatures that I live in, rather than temperature anomalies.

A +2.0 degrees Celsius temperature anomaly, is unlikely to kill you. But trying to survive a month with an average low temperature of -12.1 might kill you.

I suggest that the author of this article (Evan), and all of the other Alarmists, take empathy lessons. So that they can appreciate what cold people feel about global warming.

If Alarmists don’t like global warming, then perhaps they should move to Moscow.