Who are the real Deniers?

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Who are the real Deniers?


Consider the contributions that the following 3 people have made, to our understanding of global warming.

1) Sou from HotWhopper

Sou does a lot of bitching and moaning.

And she waves her arms around a lot.

And she insults people like me, by calling me a Denier.

2) Tamino from Open(?) Mind

Tamino considers himself an “expert”.

Tamino does “biased” statistical analyses. If you only look for warming, then you are likely to find it.

Tamino deletes any post that I make on his website. He never replies.

Tamino tried to prove that a graph that I developed (called a “Global Warming Contour Map”), was “defective”.

I have over 35 years of experience in the computer industry. And my job is to test computer systems, and computer programs. My job title is “software tester”.

I can tell you, that Tamino botched the test of my graph. His work was incompetent.

I was so annoyed at what he did, that I wrote an article about it:

Tamino calls me a Denier.

3) Sheldon Walker from agree-to-disagree.com

I have recently downloaded actual absolute temperature data, for over 24,000 locations on the Earth (it took me about 7 days to download it).

Not just average temperatures, but
– yearly and monthly average temperatures,
– yearly and monthly average high temperatures
– yearly and monthly average low temperatures
– some yearly and monthly record high temperatures
– some yearly and monthly record low temperatures

I have analysed this data, and developed 3 or 4 new types of graph, to show people the data.

I have written 4 articles based on this temperature data, so far.





I have just started writing a 5th article, which will combine the temperature data, with population data for every country. I want to create a profile, which shows the number of people who live in:

– cold places, which might benefit from global warming

– places with moderate temperatures, which will not be badly affected by global warming

– hot places, which might be badly affected by global warming (but may possibly NOT be badly affected, if evaporative cooling stops them getting too hot)

My first plot of the temperature data, calculated for every country, looked strange. I sorted the data by the average temperature of each country.

The very cold locations, like Antarctica, were on the left. Then there was a fairly straight line, with a certain slope, as the average temperature increased. Then at about the middle of the graph, the straight line changed to a smaller slope, for the whole right side of the graph.

I wondered what could cause this pattern. Then I remembered reading about evaporative cooling. Could that make the average temperature increase at a slower rate, as temperatures get higher.

It is too early for me to say whether evaporative cooling is the cause of this pattern. But it looks interesting. I need to check my analysis, to make sure that I haven’t made any mistakes.

I also need to combine the temperature data with the population data.

It would be interesting, if I can show the effect of evaporative cooling, in different countries, and at different latitudes.

The question that I want to ask everybody is, do I deserve to be called a Denier.

I feel that I have done more to investigate global warming, than Sou and Tamino have, combined.

Their stupidity is beginning to annoy me, and when I get annoyed, I write angry “letters to the editor”.


Added after the article was published:

It is important to remember, that people who call other people “Deniers”, are guilty of “overbearing pride, and a lack of humility”. They think that they are “superior” to others.

Arrogance is a state where people think of themselves, and their abilities, more highly than they should.