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Welcome to Agree-to-Disagree


Agree-To-Disagree is a website which was originally set up to promote debate about global warming, in a non-hostile environment. It was created because I got fed up with being called a “Denier”, whenever I tried to debate about global warming. This had been happening to me for the last 9 or 10 years, and I could see that “Alarmists” and “Warmists” were using the name calling, to avoid having a debate.

I have decided that my experiment in debating global warming in a non-hostile environment, is a failure. Not many people want to debate global warming in a non-hostile environment. So I am terminating the experiment, and from now on, I will call an “Alarmist”, an “Alarmist”.

I believe that “Alarmists” and “Warmists” have “shot themselves in both feet”, by calling everybody who disagrees with them, a “Denier”. When somebody calls me a “Denier”, I feel insulted. And a person who feels insulted, will never cooperate with the people doing the insulting.

I live in a democratic country. I can vote for whoever I want to. If I have a choice between a candidate who promises to do something about global warming, and a candidate who promises to do nothing about global warming, then I need to decide who I will vote for. Global warming is not the only issue that I am concerned about. I would consider a number of issues, when deciding who to vote for. But I will be honest, and say that how I feel about the people who believe in global warming, would be one of the issues that I would consider.

What are the new rules for posting comments on my website? You may now call people by whatever name you want to. But I will not tolerate extreme nastiness, or abuse. Any post that I consider “unacceptable”, will be immediately deleted. Complaining will do you no good. My decisions are final.

Alarmist websites delete my posts, even though my language is polite. I will mention some of the websites that do this:


  • Ironically, Tamino calls his website “Open Mind”. I think that “Closed Mind” would be more appropriate.
  • Tamino makes sure that the people who visit his website, are not able to see any views that differ significantly from his own views.
  • Comments that Tamino disagrees with, are immediately deleted.
  • Tamino protects his visitors from impure thoughts (i.e. he censors what visitors see).



  • As far as I can see, they are not skeptical, and they are not scientific.
  • SkepticalScience makes sure that the people who visit their website, are not able to see any views that differ significantly from their own views.
  • Comments that SkepticalScience disagrees with, are immediately deleted.
  • SkepticalScience protects their visitors from impure thoughts (i.e. they censor what visitors see).



  • As far as I can tell, the owner of this website is a decent enough human being, about things that are not related to global warming.
  • However, when it comes to global warming, he is totally unwilling to listen to any view that differs from his own.
  • Comments that AndThenTheresPhysics disagrees with, are immediately deleted.
  • AndThenTheresPhysics protects his visitors from impure thoughts (i.e. he censors what visitors see).


An important part of science, is having your ideas tested by other people. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, were not accepted when they were first published. The reason that they are now generally accepted, is because nobody has been able to come up with a proof that they are wrong. If an idea is never properly debated (like global warming), then it may well be wrong. But the people who believe the idea, cling to the belief that disbelievers are wrong, and/or evil.

The websites

  • Tamino.wordpress.com
  • SkepticalScience.com, and
  • AndThenTheresPhysics.wordpress.com

are NOT scientific sites.

They are websites that are preaching the global warming religion.

They hide ideas that they disagree with, so that other people don’t have the chance to make their own decision, about what is correct. Presumably, they can’t prove that the ideas that they hide, are wrong. Because if they could prove that the ideas were wrong, then they wouldn’t hide them.

Call your opponent a “Denier” (a heretic), and you don’t have to address their ideas, or evidence.