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Welcome to Agree-to-Disagree

Agree-To-Disagree is a website which promotes debate in a non-hostile environment. It was created because I got fed up with being called a “denier”, whenever I tried to debate about global warming. This has been happening to me for the last 9 years, and this name calling is used by warmists to avoid having a debate.

“Denier”, in the global warming context, normally implies “science denier”. I have a good basic science education, and I accept all of the basic climate science. So why am I still called a “denier”? Warmists use the term “denier” for anybody who disagrees with them, about anything. So if you think that cats make better pets than dogs, and a warmist disagrees with you, then they will call you a “denier”.

What are the rules for posting comments on my website? The main rules are no abuse, no nastiness, and no name-calling. You obviously need to refer to groups of people by some name. The preferred names for global warming are “warmist”, and “non-warmist”. I have chosen these names because I think that they are the least offensive. Any name can be turned into an insult. These are the best that I could find. I may allow “skeptic” (I consider myself to be a skeptic), but not “false skeptic“. In general, you may refer to yourself using any name, e.g. “I am a denier”. But other people are not allowed to refer to you as a “denier”.

I am being equally fair to warmists and non-warmists. Words like “denier”, and “false skeptic” are banned. Also, words like “warmista”, “leftist”, and “eco-terrorist” are also banned. Using a banned word means that your whole comment will be deleted. This means that any worthwhile parts of your comment will not be seen by other people. Play by the rules, and your comment will be published.

Comments which do not meet my rules (in my opinion), will be deleted. You can question my judgement if you want to. But the best solution is to resubmit your comment using acceptable language. I don’t want to have to ban anybody. If you play by the rules, then you are welcome to post comments.

So please, submit your best global warming ideas on the global warming page, and let the debate begin.

 This is the first time that I have tried to create a website like this. Please be patient if there are problems. I will try to solve any problems as quickly as I can.

I am willing to host debates on other topics. Please post your suggestion on the “Suggestions” page (when it is created), or use the Contact page.